We are able to supply and fix any of the following :

  • Terrazzo
  • Ceramics
  • Natural Stone
  • Mosaic floors or walls
  • Soft Flooring
  • Pandomo®

We are also able to offer a surface preparation and partitioning service and on smaller projects will be able to take the role of main contractor whereby we manage your whole project.

TRI Contracting are also employed on a consultancy basis to assess a project's requirements and advise our clients on product specification and fixing methodologies in order to enhance aesthetics, durability, reduce timescales in the building process and elicit cost savings based on a deep understanding of our clients needs and the attributes of each product we can supply. In order to fix these products successfully, we have access to expert fixers from all over the country, all highly skilled in their respective trades and all experienced in large scale - high value projects as the skills required differ from those of a domestic fixer. Rarely will any one product serve all specifications in an entire multi-purpose building, which is why our clients can come to us for all their finishes needs.


Due to marble's natural colour variations and advances in the manufacturing process, the most ambitious designs can be realized, and, as the most durable of all flooring products, is therefore suitable for highly trafficked areas. It is easy to clean and maintain however due to the tile's intrinsic durability they require a highly skilled and precise fixing method to fully maximize the floor's life span. This is where TRI's expertise can be fully appreciated, having laid over many thousands of meters in all conditions since 1989, you can trust TRI to ensure that your investment in your floor is well managed.


In as many sizes and colours as you can care to imagine and suitable for both floors and walls, ceramic tiles are a beautiful and cost effective solution especially in wet areas. With relationships built with over 20 worldwide tile suppliers producing an entire range from basic white tiles to individually hand crafted feature tiles, we can take your designs from the drawing board and make them work in real life. Ceramic tiles are also a great option where a slip hazard could be presented with the manufacturing process able to incorporate anti-slip properties as required.

Soft Flooring

Companies such as Amtico are producing amazing floors that are only limited by the imagination of the designers. Again requiring specialist fixing knowledge and adhesives, your investment in a product is protected by TRI. "Softer" than ceramic and terrazzo, they provide a hygienic, modern alternative for formal and informal environments alike.

Stone Restoration

Our expert team have many years of experience working within the building and restoration industry. Specialising in all aspects of building cleaning, and stone restoration. We guarantee an accurate replication and replacement of what is missing or in need of serious repair; conservation is where as much of the original fabric is retained as possible.


PANDOMO® by ARDEX is a modern surfacing system that provides total architectural design freedom. When you’re creating floors, walls or ceilings, everything starts with your individual concept. No matter what look you decide on, whether classic, refined and homogenous or entirely unique, PANDOMO® product systems can make it happen. The extensive PANDOMO® range delivers the perfect solution for any creative concept, so your room design options are as limitless as your imagination.
PANDOMO® Wall – seamless wall surfaces fully customised to your individual requirements.
PANDOMO® Floor – creative flooring in a virtually infinite range of colours and designs.
PANDOMO® Terrazzo – elegant floor design in the classic terrazzo style.

For general or specific information on any of the products described here, please Contact Us